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Can You Match These GoT Characters To Their House?


One of the reasons why Game of Thrones has become such a successful book and TV series is the fact that the characters all hail from such complex and detailed families. The Houses within Game of Thrones all have a detailed background that stems long before the series even began. Characters in Game of Thrones constantly reference extinct Houses and characters that have long since been dead. The history behind these extinct Houses gives insight into what the future might hold for the current characters but also reveals past grievances among current families. Understanding the characteristics of each House is the best way to further understand the overall storyline. From the signature silver hair and purple eyes of House Targaryen to the tendency to use poisons and thrive in the desert like House Martell, each House has its own characteristics that are integral to the corresponding members.

With a storyline as diverse as Game of Thrones, it can be a little tricky to keep all of the Houses distinguished. From portions of the episode being spoken in Dothraki to numerous new characters being introduced with each season, sometimes the Houses can get a bit confused by viewers. Only a true fan of Game of Thrones will be able to tell which corresponding House a character is a member of, despite all of the twists and turns that have occurred in the plotline of the show. From children being pawned off as natural-born heirs to characters creating their own sigils, check out our quiz on how well you know all the Houses in Game of Thrones and see if you can call yourself a true fan.

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