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Can You Match These Famous Mafia Scenes To The Movie?


Mobster films have become an icon of American cinema over the years and have become a favorite genre for many. While everyone seems to have their own opinion on which mobster film or actor has done the best in portraying a particular era or crime family, it goes to say that mobster films have been watched and rewatched millions of times. The success of this genre on the big screen has led to a number of adaptations for TV as well. From the HBO series, The Sopranos, to Fat Tony’s presence on The Simpsons, people are constantly fascinated by the idea of organized crime.

There are some films that didn’t quite hit the mark when trying to delve into mob-related themes. Films like Mickey Blue Eyes and the Analyze This films didn’t exactly become as iconic as some of the others but that hasn’t deterred filmmakers from continuing to conjure up new ways to bring the mob back to the big screen. Moviegoers are constantly hungry for new ways for Hollywood to interpret mob-related stories for the big screen. In fact, Martin Scorsese is already working on bringing the next mob film to the theaters in 2018. Anticipation over the mob story, The Irishman, has been building for some time now and with Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese’s names backing the film, it is surely going to make its way onto the list of some of the other iconic mob films in cinematic history. Whether you’re a mob film junkie or you’re just good with iconic film scenes, check out our quiz on how well you know your mob films. Try and match these iconic scene shots with the mob film and find out whether or not you truly know your mafia flicks.

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