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Can You Match These Disney Songs With Their Movies?


The moment you mention Disney, we’d bet a lot of money that there’s at least one song that immediately comes to your mind. While their films haven’t always been perfect, there is no arguing that Disney has one of the best soundtracks of any movie company ever. Their animated flicks become phenomenal successes because of how excellent this music is at times, and they’ve become so good at it in 2017 that we now expect it from them. Any Disney film that doesn’t have good music takes a dive on the ratings.

Over the years they have since perfected their musical styles. Each movie has its own vibe and tone that is perfectly reflected in the music they choose. They’ve played their hand at all different styles and have managed to keep audiences interested in their music for decades because of it.

Because of their success with music, you can imagine all of the songs that have come out over the years. With so many movies too, it is quite the challenge to keep it all straight. The diehard Disney fans don’t have any trouble, but we’re not all on that level.

How about you? Can you match these Disney songs with their movies?

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