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Can You Match These Cartoons To Their Voice Actors?


Kids today have a lot to look for in terms of entertainment. From video games and music to movies and television, there is probably one form of media that stands out above the rest: cartoons. This art has been around for several decades now and doesn’t seem to be slowing down as a result. Cartoons are ways for writers to get creative with their visuals, come up with some powerful comedy, yet tie it all together so that kids and adults alike can appreciate it.

Over the years, the medium of cartoons has experienced years of triumph and years where there was nothing but duds airing on TV. However, there were still plenty of things to enjoy even in those dark years for animation.

For all the enjoyment that cartoons bring, though, there is one thing that most people seem to forget: the voice actors. Our favorite characters don’t come to life on their own. They’re brought to fruition with a person devoting their vocal talents for years in a studio to get every line just right. Yet for some reason, they fail to get the recognition that live-action actors receive.

In order to celebrate these legendary voice actors, we’ve prepared a little test for you. Can you match these cartoon all-stars with their voice actors?

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