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Can You Match The Actor To Their Superhero Role?


For comic book fans, it’s one of the greatest things in modern entertainment to see all kinds of our favorite properties be adapted to the big screen. Say what you will about Spider-Man 3, that franchise spawned a trend that eventually led to us having movies of both the Justice League and the Avengers.

It doesn’t even stop with the big screen either. There are more live action superhero shows than you can wave a Comixology gift card at, and most of them are genuinely excellent. What makes this even better is that even the shows themselves cross over with each other (though we have yet to see shows cross over with the films).

With so many superhero shows and movies, we’ve seen a large number of big and small actors each get their turn in spandex and superpowers. It can be very difficult to keep track of, especially for the uninitiated. We’ve seen actors get booted out of their roles, and even replaced within the context of the same universe. Characters have died, and new faces have come into the fold. Keeping all of these heroes in mind, can you match them with the actors who played them?

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