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Can You Match The Villain To The Horror Movie?


Every good horror movie needs a good villain. But remembering all of them can be a bit tough. Sometimes, people are so caught up in the scariness of the movie that there is no way they could remember who the villain was after watching it. They most likely just want to forget that they ever watched it, pushing it to the back of their minds where it will fester as a repressed memory where it will haunt them at a later date. But how good are you at remembering who was the villain in these horror movies?

It will be a tough quiz, that’s for sure. You will be given the villain, and then you will have to match it to the correct movie. Some are easy, but others will really test your movie trivia knowledge. There are some classic movie villains here that everyone will recognize. There are also a few old school horror movie villains included that not many people may know or remember. In addition, there are plenty of villains from movies that have just come out in the last couple of years, which will surely keep you on your toes.

Villains are crucial to the success of all horror movies. Without it, there is no conflict. There is nothing to be afraid of! In a way, the villain is actually the main character of each and every horror movie. A lot of people are secretly cheering for the villain. In any case, let’s hope that you remembered a lot of villains when you watched these horror movies in the past, because your movie knowledge is about to be tested!

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