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Can You Match The Video Game With The Film/TV Show It’s Based On?


Licensed video games are a gamble, especially in the days of Blockbuster.  There was a time before emulators when games were much more simple, and all you had to go on regarding their quality was some misleading box art, a few screenshots of the gameplay and maybe, just maybe an article in Nintendo Power.  Licensed games have the added burden of often being rushed into stores in order to snatch up all the cash it could from name recognition alone.

The rest was all word of mouth and using your best judgement.  So it’s no surprise that a lot of licensed games have wound up on the “worst of all time” lists.  Their graphics are confusing, and the controls are awkward at best.  And more often than not, actors refuse to have their likeness replicated for marketing purposes.

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule.  Sean Connery’s final acting role was doing the voice work for PS2’s well-received From Russia With Love.  Pierce Brosnan and Willem Dafoe lent their voice to the similar Everything Or Nothing – an original Bond story.  And let no one forget the greatness that was Goldeneye.  Many a day was wasted with friends, arguing about the use of The Golden Gun or the proximity mine.

But how well do you know, or remember, the games of your youth, specifically the ones based on the films and television shows you love?  Many of these have been lost to the ether, never spoken of again.  Try and test your memory below.

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