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Can You Match The Video Game Release To The Console?


Since the glory days of the NES, video games have been a fascinating part of of our history. Now we have all kinds of documentation and legacies held by various consoles throughout the years. All kinds of characters, franchises, and stories have been held by generations of gaming machines, and they’re only getting more innovative and elaborate.

Many of us have grown up with the rise of video games, and as such we can remember many of the popular titles that came out in our heydays. However, it can be a bit of a struggle to keep track of each and every memorable game we’ve played in that time. As such, it’s a marvel of history that we’re able to keep track of so much.

In the proper fashion of our website, we wanted to see how well all of you can remember the games from your past. It’ll take a bit more out of your memories to score well here, but it’s by no means impossible. Do you remember what consoles these older games were released on? Will you even be able to recognize some of these games from a still image? Prepare for a challenge because we’re putting your nostalgia to the ultimate test.

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