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Can You Match The Ugly Feet To The Celebrity?


Celebrities are known for their fame and fortune, and more often than not, their good looks. The celebrities who have known success from their talent and creativity alone  are few and far between, although they do exist. But that is the exception and not the rule. Far more common is a beautiful celebrity, of course. But somewhat surprisingly, many of the beautiful women we see on the big and small screen have an ugly body part: their feet. That’s right, even the most attractive among us can have ugly feet and toes.

To be fair, there are probably not many people who have attractive feet; feet are just kind of gross in general, unless you are a foot model who lotions daily and gets pedicures weekly. But even the stars don’t have time for that in their busy schedules. So my question to you is: can you tell which ugly feet belong to which pretty celebrity? Their faces may be familiar, and perhaps even their bodies, but I am willing to bet you cannot determine who is who based solely (pun intended) on what is arguably their least attractive feature: their feet. Give it a shot; it is harder than you think!

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