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Can You Match The Tattoo To The Celebrity?


Celebrities, like everyone else, tend to get involved in all assortments of activities. They ride cars and eat food; sleep at night and work during the day. Many celebrities even engage in a wide variety of activities other than the ones we just mentioned, like getting tattoos. In fact, in this day and age, it can be hard to find any celebrity without some form of ink on their bodies. Celebs are cool, and tattoos are also cool, so a pairing of the two makes a lot of sense.

Some celebrity tattoos are super nice and rich with inherent depth; others are just plain ugly, and kind of dumb. Some celebrity tattoos grant the celebrity supernatural abilities, others don’t. Actually, no tattoo has been scientifically proven to grant its wearer magical powers, but we retain the right to speculate.

Do you love celebrities? Do you love tattoos? Well, boy, do we ever have the quiz for you! Test your knowledge by guessing the celebrities who wear each of the 25 following tattoos. If your results turn out to be poor, don’t worry— it just means you’re bad at guessing celebrity tattoos. We’re sure you’re good at some other things. However, if you manage to pass the test with flying colors, you are a master at celebrity tattoo guessing, which makes you a champion of at least one thing. And that’s really great news.

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