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Can You Match The Screenshot To The Video Game?


Video games have been around for a long time, and with them a host of memories. Many of us have experienced that joy of sitting down on the couch playing Mario Party with our friends on family. Whether it be a Playstation 2 or an Xbox One, there is almost no end to the games that we’ve played over the years.

The more we play each game, the more memories we make in the process. There’s no doubt one standout game that you remember as a child that captivated you. Whatever games you play today, you’ll always recall that particular one.

But games these days are hard to recognize. Because developers mimic each other and feed the same genres, our memories tend to get really foggy. It gets to the point where you won’t even remember a game until somebody tells you the title or shows you a picture to jog your memory. That’s where we come in.

Many of you have played tons of games, and we want to test your memory as well as jog it with these 25 screenshots of various titles. Can you match these screenshots to their games?

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