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Can You Match The Screencap To The Horror Movie?


Sure, it’s easy to point to classic horror films as the best of the genre. But there are quite a few modern horror flicks that are owed just as much attention. Most of the horror movies featured in this quiz are newer films and we’ve tried to pick our very favorites to see if you can identify them just as easily as we can. You’ll notice a few classics pop up too. We couldn’t resist including a few oldies but goodies to try to stump you.

See if you can identify the horror film from the screenshot. We hope none of the screencaps are too scary for you, though. Will you even be able to get through this quiz without needing to close your eyes? Maybe even just the mention of a particular flick will have your running to your bedroom to hide under the covers. There’s nothing better than a good horror movie to pump up that adrenaline. Scary movies are perfect for any occasion. They’re not only for Halloween. Choosing a terrifying movie for a girl’s night can make for a fun evening. Popping in a scary thriller might just make your date night a little more romantic. It’s hard not to snuggle close to someone when you’re scared out of your wits. Horror is even a genre you can watch with your family! Who hasn’t enjoyed watching Gremlins for family movie night? Oh wait…that’s a Christmas movie, of course.

See if you can get at least 20 out of 25 right. Let’s see how observant you are and how big a horror fan you really are! Don’t forget to share your results via social media.

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