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Can You Match The Pokemon To The Generation?


This isn’t going to be easy. Unless you’re a Pokemon Master, that is. Do you think you know your Pokemon? Did you watch the animated series and learn the theme song by heart? Well, that won’t be enough to get you through this quiz. You’re going to need to know way more than 150 Pokemon. For this test of your poke-knowledge, you need to be able to match the Pokemon to their generation. There are 7 generations of Pokemon.

For your knowledge, there are 7 generations of Pokemon. The different generations correspond to each new batch of critters that were introduced to the Pokemon franchise. New games or anime episodes would introduce new Pokemon to the world. Recently, with the release of Pokemon Go for smartphones, even those who are superficially interested in Pokemon have been able to get a glimpse of a whole slew of imaginative characters. We won’t lie, some of the newer Pokemon are kind of weird and they have some really uncreative names, but they still manage to be just as cute as our First Generation favorites.

So give this quiz a try and see if you can Match ‘Em All! Share your results with your friends via social media to see who the real Poke-Master is.

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