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Can You Match The Party Scene To The Movie?


There are so many movie party scenes, it’s hard to keep track. We’re sure you’re thinking of the quintessential image of the college rager party scene where everyone is drunk and the music is blasting. Except, there’s not just one type of party to be had! There are quiet, low-key parties. There are awkward high-school get-togethers. There are beach party scenes that make us wish we were there. There are slumber parties and even dinner parties, where the food somehow always seems untouched.

We all think we’re total experts on our favorite movies and we think we’d be able to match the party scene to the movie without a problem. But is it really that easy? Some movie parties definitely stand out. They’re obvious and clear as day, but others are harder to pin point, especially if they’re from a movie that’s part of a series of films. Good luck with that guessing game!

So we challenge you to a party scene match game. Analyze the drunkards, booze, dancing, strobe lights and general atmosphere and figure out which movie the snapshot belongs to. Find out how you fare and then challenge your friends! Share your results via social media to find out if you really are the Party King or Queen of all your friends.

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