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Can You Match The Movie Tagline To The Movie?


For years, the movies have been a great source of wonder, excitement, and entertainment. Walking into a movie theatre and staring up at the big screen has been a window into another world. Movies can transport us to any point in time and space and makes us walk in worlds that our imaginations can’t even dream of. They can make us laugh, scared, cry and even make us think about our own lives and how we can be better people and live our lives to the fullest.¬†There’s no doubt that movies have been a massive part of our culture for many years now.

With the ever growing use of technology and other storytelling techniques, the movies may have changed dramatically over the years but the core message of them has never changed: to tell a great story and give us a break from our lives, if only for an hour or two. To entice us to see the latest blockbusters, the movie companies go out of their way to promote these pictures with trailers, posters, and other advertising tricks. However, the oldest and still the best, is the movie tagline. A short sentence that entices the audience to want to see the movie.

We wonder just how many taglines have lasted the test of time. Take our ultimate movie tagline quiz to see if you can match the tagline to the movie. All you have to do is match the tagline to the movie. Good luck.

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