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Can You Match The Fad To The Decade?


Every decade has its fad. Whatever decade it was that you grew up in definitely had its own. Everyone remembers a trend that was a big hit during their childhood. We remember those big hits — whether it’s a product, item of clothing, a hit song— and we instantly feel nostalgic. Some of us have even gone out of our way to buy certain fad items on eBay. You might still have your favorite Beanie Baby sitting on a bookshelf. If you were saving some of those fad products to sell at a profit, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Most of those trends aren’t really a thing anymore.

That’s the reality of a fad. They’re short-lived. The mass enthusiasm for something that’s trendy doesn’t last very long. People get bored, styles change, tastes change. Sometimes, though, fads return to haunt us. This often happens with clothing trends. Retro fashion sometimes returns to the racks of clothing stores. People are quick to check the backs of their closets to see if they kept those old bell-bottom jeans. In a culture that celebrates spring cleaning and denounces any kind of hoarding-esque habits, people often realize that they threw away that glorious pair of clogs that has now come back into fashion.

Let’s see if you can remember the fads that have blown up and match them to their decade. Do you remember the trends that reigned supreme in your childhood? Give it a whirl and see if you can get 20/25 or more on this quiz all about trends and fads. Don’t forget to share your results via social media!

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