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Can You Match The Crime To The OITNB Inmate?


The time of year is upon us when it is almost time for another season of Orange is the New Black (so basically, 13 hours and then back to waiting 364 days or so for the next 13 hours). Season five is due out on June 9, 2017, and it cannot come soon enough.

Over the past four seasons, we have met, fallen in love with (and loved to hate) dozens of women incarcerated at Litchfield. Some have died and some have been released, but for the most part the ladies are still with us. Most of them have had their own flashback episodes by now, and for the most part viewers know why each inmate is in prison. For some of them, their crimes are implied, but the majority of the prisoners’ pasts have been revealed.

How well do you know their past transgressions and crimes? Can you remember all the way back to season one, to some of those women’s stories? There is no better time than the present to refresh your memory on the ladies of Litchfield, but before you do, take this quiz and find out just how much studying you really need to do. You never know; you may have retained all the knowledge you need for season five of Orange is the New Black.

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