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Can You Match The Character To The 90s Cartoon?


Many of our childhoods were built off of cartoons from the 90s. Even for the older crowds, these shows hold some type of fondness that will always bring a smile to your face when you hear those classic opening songs. This fondness has caused many people to believe that the 90s was the peak of entertaining animation, and it has since died out.

While I could refute that argument, I won’t deny that the 90s held some pretty fantastic TV shows, many of which I grew up watching as a child. When I revisit some of these shows, I can’t help but live and breathe the nostalgia in each eleven minutes- a feeling I’m sure many of you identify with.

That said, there are many people who claim to be true fans of 90s cartoons and only talk the talk. The moment you put them to the test, they chicken out and run for the hills. We at TheRichest want to know who among our fans are true 90s cartoon lovers. So we’ve provided a scientifically-proven test to determine if you are legit or not (okay, you got us, it’s not that scientific).

Either way, a challenge approaches that will test your knowledge. Can you match these characters with the 90s cartoon they were in?

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