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Can You Match The Castle To The Disney Movie?


Castles are an essential part of fairytales. They are the focal point of many Disney movies. Each Disney princess has spent at least a bit of time in a magical castle. Remember when you used to dream of living in an enormous, beautiful castle as a youngster? Castles are where royalty live and who hasn’t dreamed of becoming a King or Queen in their life?

Not all Disney castles are equal, though. Not all the castles in the Disney universe are monuments of goodness and light. Some castles house evil villains and corrupt rulers. We’d prefer to stay far away from those places, but in order to stay away we need to know which castles are which. Do you think you can figure out to which fairytale each castle belongs? Are you up to speed on your castle trivia? Would you be able to avoid a wicked Queen’s domain or would you walk in thinking it was a safe and magical place?

Let’s see if you can match each castle to its Disney movie. Some of the castles will stand out immediately and will be easy to venture through. Others will be harder to figure out. You’ll need to study the details in each photo to put a finger on the castle’s origins.

We wish you good luck on your quest and adventure! Don’t get lost in all the castle rooms and avoid the dungeons at all costs. And don’t forget to share your success with your friends via social media.

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