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Can You Match The Bond Girl To The Bond Film?


What constitutes a Bond Girl? There are plenty of female roles throughout the franchise, but Bond Girls are something special. Obviously, they have to have a certain chemistry with the leading man. If the sparks don’t fly, as was sometimes the case, the relationship between leading man and woman leaves the whole film feeling flat. The best kind of Bond Girls are the ones that can hold their own with the Double-O agent, trading barbs as well as punches and bullets.

It also doesn’t hurt if they’re easy on the eyes, in the conventional sense.

It’s worth mentioning that the Bond Girl tradition originated in Ian Fleming’s original novels. Though Bond himself was written more as a blunt instrument – merely the right tool for the job – he still found time to romance women with unbelievably filthy names (for their time). Even Pussy Galore shows up in the original books (today, she’s wherever Donald Trump is). Bond was as sexist as the early Sean Connery films portray him to be, perhaps even worse in the novels. The end of the first book¬†finds Bond betrayed by possibly the only woman he ever loved, but he merely utters a curt “Bitch is dead.” This is recreated cinematically, but its played with much more pathos than the books infer.

The question is: just how well do you know your Bond Girls? There are usually at least two or three per film, so they’re a little hard to keep track of. So, without further ado, let’s see just how well you know the 20+ film franchise and its leading ladies.

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