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Can You Match The Archrivals To The Superheroes?


A hero is only as good as the villains they fight. Those are words to live by. The truth of the matter is that when telling any good vs. evil story, not many people care a lot about the protagonist. They simply want to see how interesting or terrifying the antagonist is. That’s it’s so important for publishers like Marvel and DC to develop great villains who bring a presence of fear with every page that they’re in.

What’s even more important than getting a villain right is getting an archrival right. It’s one thing to introduce a bad guy, let him get defeated, and never have him show up again. However, when you’re introducing a main antagonist, you have less freedom. They have to be done well so that each time they come to foil our favorite heroes, there’s plenty of interest and excitement to be had.

Many heroes have adopted this model and there a large number of them who have all kinds of archrivals. Yeah, they may each have a rogues gallery of sorts, but when it comes down to it, these are the villains we really care about. Are you familiar with any of them? Cause you’re about to test your knowledge of superhero archrivals.

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