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Can You Identify These Famous Movie Lines?


Everyone loves the movies. Going to the cinema is the real pastime of America. We all love the stories, the characters, the special effects, the drama, the action, the comedy, the horror, and so on. Most of the world, not just North America, is enamored by Hollywood celebrities as they are looked upon as larger than life personalities who have entertained and influenced us all.

One of the reasons why we all have such an affinity for motion pictures can be attributed to their powerful dialogue. Often witty, sometimes compelling, people are known to utter their favorite movie lines. Some of the more well-known movie quotes, spoken by the most popular characters and performers will live on for generations to come. Many movie lines become so iconic that they are repeated or spoofed in future films. “Show me the money!” and “I’ll be back!” are just a couple of examples.

We have constructed a quiz exclusively dedicated to some memorable banter from some of the most successful motion pictures.

The questions will all be direct quotes from a film, and you will need to identify which film that line is from. Here’s a hint for you: The photos are of other famous movies with famous lines and are just for illustration purposes and do not necessarily represent the correct answer.

Dim the lights, get your snacks, get comfy, the show is about to begin.

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