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Can You Identify This Marvel Movie From A Single Scene?


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a 21st century license to print money. More people in the US saw the movies produced by both Marvel Studios and Sony (Disney) than graduated high school last year. There might be a correlation there. Hmm, anyway, if you’re under 90 years old you’ve likely seen some of these modern day odes to action. Marvel’s characters continue to identify with people in ways that other characters and franchises don’t, combining the coolest special effects ever conceived with realistic CG and humorous, likeable personalities.

There have been some bombs as well. This quiz will not further promote the unexplainable 80’s effort called “Howard the Duck.” And the original Hulk film is ignored as well. But there are still a few lesser-adored MCU entries represented here, so let’s hope you didn’t just see the most popular ones. An effort has been made to not make the photos so easily recognizable as to be a joke but also to provide a good chance of being identified by the average Marvel fan. Perhaps a future quiz could simply show the Stan Lee cameo in each film and require you to identify the flick by that. More challenging, yes, but some of you could certainly do it. Have fun.

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