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Can You Name These Lesser-Known Nintendo Characters?


Nintendo has been a bit of a laughing stock during the lifespan of the Wii U- and that’s coming from a Wii U owner. Despite releasing some pretty great games, there wasn’t much to keep consumers from buying the Nintendo home console in favor of consoles of a higher power and better third party support.

It seems as that might change with the Nintendo Switch, though. While they’ve captured the interest of the public, there are a lot of things they need to get right in order for their next console to be one of epic proportions. However, the fact that they have the peoples’ attention more than they did with the Wii U says that they’re doing something right.

If the Switch is pulled off correctly, we could see Nintendo even compete with the PS4 and Xbox One again, and that would be a sight to behold. In honor of that, we’ve taken some of Nintendo’s lesser-known characters to see if you can all remember them. After all, some of them could make a return now that the new console seems to be *ahem* switching things up.

So if you’re a Nintendo fan, have a good knowledge of their games, or just want to stoke some of your excitement for the Nintendo Switch, go ahead and test your knowledge of the many characters Nintendo has created over their long history.

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