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Can You Guess Who These Hollywood Ladies Are From Behind?


So, you think you can guess who these Hollywood ladies are from behind? What are you a butt expert or something? If you are, don’t be embarrassed, just put your money where your mouth is and ace this quiz. With the way the world is going, many of us have visual images of celebrities’ butts ingrained in our minds, and it isn’t necessarily because we’ve searched them before, it’s because social media shows us things we don’t always ask to see. So whether you spend countless hours searching celebrities’ figures or haven’t the slightest clue what you’re getting yourself into, chances are you’ll be able to put a name to every body you see.

Being a celebrity might sound fun and glamorous, but imagine being constantly followed around all day and self-conscious about how your badonkadonk looks— just in case it is going to be photographed. Sounds pretty strange, right? What’s even weirder is that some celebrities and socialites have based their reputations on how large, round and perfect their derrières are, and actually go out in public hoping that their behinds get photographed by herds of paparazzi so that they can make the tabloids. So why not give them the attention they desire and make a game out of it at the same time?

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