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Can You Guess Which Superheroes Died In The Comics?


Comic books and death seem to go hand in hand. Just when you start to love a character, odds are that they’re going to be killed off at one point or another. Fear not, though, those that die in the pages are resurrected more often than not. Whether you appreciate or hate that aspect of the comic book world, it exists and we just have to deal with it.

This has carried over into the superhero movies somewhat, with characters dying and being brought back to life on a frequent basis. It allows the writers to have an impacting, emotional climax in a film without having to lose one of their bigger characters. DC is doing it with Superman. Marvel did it with Bucky Barnes and Nick Fury. The list goes on and on.

This quiz will focus on your knowledge of the characters who died in the comics. However, there were plenty more characters who have actually never died believe it or not. Considering that they’re much harder to pinpoint, we’ve got a few of those in this quiz as well.

Your task is simple: you’ll be presented with 25 true or false questions with the picture of a hero. If you think they died, select “true.” If not, then you select “false.” Sound easy enough?

Can you guess which superheroes died in the comics?

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