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Can You Guess These Movies?


There are popular movies and critical successes. Movies that remain evergreen but win no awards, and award-winners that tend to fade from public recall pretty quick. The only steady thing in the movie business is that it’s ever changing. Public opinion, aka our opinion, can put the producer on a high horse and yet quickly dethrone him in an instant.

We all love movies though; we love to watch them, laugh with or at them, cry and weep empathetically – and sometimes even love to trash talk the movie or the actors in it. Whether we watch them in theatres or on Netflix, on cable or even stream them on our tablets – we cannot live without movies. Or at least, some of us can’t. Daily, weekly or lesser – movies are like a dose of much-needed tipple, for the story enthusiast in us.

So here’s a quiz for the movie buff in you. Can you recognize these lesser known movies from their screenshots? Do these scenes speak to you when it comes to knowing the name of the flick?

Test the movie buff in you – and feel free to share your results, or challenge your friends to beat your score. Here it goes; can you guess which movie this is?

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