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Can You Guess The Movie’s Working Title?


It’s probably shocking for many to know that a lot of the movies we’ve come to know and love have actually started off with completely different titles than what we know them as now. These changes happen for a number of reasons. A lot of the times, the title just ends up being a placeholder for what will become the actual name for the film. Of course, there are many reasons for changingĀ the name of a film. Sometimes, they just stick some ridiculous working title on it that they know they will have to change later on to the actual title, and other times they like to just stick these crazy, random names up there for the sake of humoring themselves. Other times, it’s to keepĀ a high-profile project under wraps.

Sometimes I do wonder if they ever actually had plans to stick to some of these names, or where they actually get them from. Maybe they decide on the movie idea and pull a working title from a hat? Who knows. Sometimes though, like you’ll see in this quiz, Hollywood can and does choose some really questionable titles. You won’t believe what some of these movies were called before they obtained their final title. Do you know your movies enough to be able to spot the working titles of these films?

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