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Can You Guess Which Hollywood Diva These Legs Belong To?


Think you know your celebrities? Think again. Can you guess the celeb just by looking at their gams? Could you figure out who the famous lady is by analyzing her legs? Maybe it’ll be the toned legs that give it away or the shoes. Maybe it’s the bit of her dress you see that immediately makes you remember who those beautiful legs belong to. Does it sound difficult? It’s probably tougher than that! But don’t worry, you’ll quickly realize that if you’re a celebrity nut, you’ve instinctively gotten to know the legs of all those actresses, models and singers you love. Your brain has taken a snapshot of each pair of lovely legs and stored that snapshot in your memory. So you’ll be able to use your super all-knowing celeb-factoid brain to figure these out. Don’t overthink these. Let your subconscious mind take over! Close your eyes and let your leg memories guide you.

Are you a leg-expert? Find out and take the quiz. See how many you can get right and share with your friends. See which one of you has the better eye for this kind of thing. Share your results via social media. We bet you’ll get at least one right!

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