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Can You Guess If These Movie Moments Are CGI?


The movie world is full of iconic moments but can you actually tell which scenes are done with CGI and which are not? It might be a bit tough, especially when it comes to the newer films. Movie effects have gotten so good that it’s hard to tell if they’re computer generated or not.

That’s what CGI stands for, Computer-Generated Imagery. It’s amazing to think that a computer can recreate scenes and characters that are so lifelike. It’s also amazing to think that actors have to sometimes talk to thin air when shooting a scene. We think it that it must be much harder to act when there’s no one to play off of. Seems like a lot of pressure! It must be kind of awkward.

The first computer-generated imagery in 3D was done in 1976 for the movie Futureworld. It was a snowball effect after that. People realized how versatile this new technology was and it became a big part of cinema.

So let’s see how big a movie buff you are. Do you watch the Oscars every year? Do you know a ton of movie trivia? Great! You might find this a piece of cake, but don’t get too confident. There are some tough questions ahead. Prove to your friends that you’re the biggest film nerd and see if you can get 20/25 or better. Don’t forget to share your results on social media.

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