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Can You Guess How These Walking Dead Characters Died?


The Walking Dead is known for its gruesome deaths. People are killed off like flies in this show. Usually, it’s secondary characters or background extras that are killed off with impunity. Sometimes, though, we get our hearts torn apart when a favorite character gets killed.

The moments where our favorite characters die are the toughest but they’re usually the easiest deaths to remember. Some of those beloved character deaths will appear here, but this quiz is also loaded with characters that you’ve long forgotten. Can you remember how they died? Can you sort through your memory of the show to recall the grisly details?

It’s not going to be easy. Let’s be honest, after a while all the deaths seem the same. You might even mix them up from time to time. So let’s see if you can score 20/25 or higher. That’ll prove that you’re a definite fan of the show. You’ve clearly been paying close attention to everything, even to the characters that no one else really cares about.

Alright, give it a shot. See how many you can remember and don’t forget to share your results with your friends. Challenge your buddies to see who has the best memory and prove who kept their eyes open when the gore level was high. Good luck!

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