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Can You Guess How Many Calories This Has?


The holiday season has passed. You’ve filled your face full of treats and sweets and haven’t done a minute of exercise. This is natural. But now you’ve eyed the new year as your turning point. 2017 will be different. You’re a changed person. The first step to reinventing yourself is changing the way you eat. First, you need to start analyzing the stuff you ingest. Is it healthy to eat that entire box of cookies? Probably not. Consider this to be the first stage of your education. Together, we will look at 50 different food items and guess how many calories is in each. This will not only show you how smart you are, but it will also give you some information about many of the foods you’ve been eating. Moving forward, you’ll have a better grasp on how many calories you’re bringing in on a typical day and this will help you make a plan to burn them off when you’re finished.

If you’re anything like us, looking at “standard” serving sizes can make you feel shame. What kind of person only eats one handful of chips? How is that really a serving? Real people eat an entire bag, don’t they? We’ll try to highlight what the serving sizes are in the question to make it easier to judge. With that said, let’s get going.

Here is the quiz we like to call: Can You Guess How Many Calories This Has?

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