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Can You Figure Out Which Movie This Hot Teacher Was In?


For some reason, there are a lot of characters in the world of film whose day job is teaching. Teachers seem represented quite well in Hollywood. Making your main character a teacher makes them instantly relatable. We all have a good amount of respect for teachers. Because, even if we were the worst students ever in our younger years, we all had a teacher who inspired us, motivated us and made us feel a little bit better about ourselves.

But we’re pretty sure that most of our teachers weren’t as good looking as most of the fictional educators in this quiz. We’d have been distracted the whole time! We all had a teacher that was easy to crush on and some of the movie teachers coming might just remind you of those young crushes.

Can you match the hot teacher to the movie? Think it’ll be easy? Think again. Let’s see if you can remember which movies these good looking profs belong to? Most of them are played by famous actors you’ll recognize but you’ll soon realize that there are a whole lot of movies out there with characters who teach.

See if you can manage to score at least 20/25! Don’t forget to share your results via social media, if only just to discuss your personal rankings of hot movie teachers. Good luck!

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