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Can You Figure Out These Celebrities Dressed As Santa?


There have been Santa Clauses and Mrs. Clauses galore ever since Hollywood descended on Christmas and decided to adopt it. Skinny Santas, rotund Santas, colored Santa and Santas with, erm, boobies spilling out of bikinis seems to be the norm – you’ll even find Santa-specific lingerie here and there!

These celebrities dress up like Santa for various reasons. Sometimes it is for a movie or a scene, sometimes for a shoot, sometimes for their fans and sometimes, even from the goodness of their hearts. Whatever be the reason for playing Santa, they manage to play the role to the hilt – some going as far as donning a cushioned suit with beard and all that authentic jazz.

Some do it a bit differently as their versions of Santa best display their assets to all and sundry – which is why on this quiz we have Santas with cleavage too!

We have blotted out the faces and features of these 25 Santas, and are wondering if you can guess who these celebrity Santas are? To spread some cheer to you, we have included a small hint in every question t0o. We do want to be on your nice list too, you know!

Try your hand at guessing who these celebs are – they are actors, singers, models and characters – all stars in their own right. And remember, age, sex and color are no bar in our guess the celebrity Santa quiz. Do send us merry wishes by sharing your results of this quiz on social media too.

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