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Are You A True Gamer? Name These Arcade Classics!


Gamers today are a dime a dozen. With so many options of playing, video games are more accessible for people of all ages to get into. You have the “PC master race” who build their own masterful machines that can handle all kinds of heavy graphics and then some. There’s the console casuals who like to play Call of Duty and Halo until they’re blue in the face. Then you have the hardcore Nintendo fans, who have every variant of a Nintendo handheld and managed to pre-order a Switch. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With so many different types of gamers, many of them have forgotten or aren’t even aware with how gaming itself began. Gamers of the 80s were the people who would spend their Friday nights at the arcade with tons of quarters in hand. Video games have come a long way since then. But just because it’s old and out of date doesn’t mean that it needs to be forgotten.

Every game that we know and love can be traced back to an inspiration from an arcade cabinet. These low-graphic titles garnered many fun moments and caused parents to never have any quarters. They set the stage for everything we as gamers appreciate today, and it’s our job to be reverent to the past.

What about you? Are you a true gamer? Then name these arcade classics!

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