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Are You A True Gamer? Match The Weapon To The Video Game


Since the dawn of video games there have been some pretty iconic tools for destruction. Surely the paddles in Pong don’t count, but once Mario hit the scene, with his many diverse, and powerful hats, apart from simply jumping on enemies, there was no going back. Almost every video game since then has had some form of weaponry. Few are the games that are peaceful, or without conflict…and to be honest, with no conflict, there’s no interesting story to carry a player through a game. Even puzzle and poker games have weapons of some sort.

Now there are all manner of iconic, intense, devastating and hilarious weapons that are easily picked out in the gaming world. From the Final Fantasy franchise, all the way to Call of Duty, and from Mario, all the way to Saints Row, there is a heaping stockpile of weaponry that gamers love to use, or love to hate…or simply wonder about…because they just don’t seem to belong.

But that’s the sort of thing that makes many of these weapons so iconic: their seeming impracticality, or bizarre nature. From sentient locks of hair, to explosive bike equipment, to all shapes and sizes of blades, flatulent stuffed animals, and more…adult sorts of toys. So let’s see how well you know these weapons and/or the games they come from.

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