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Are You A True Arrow Fan? Name His Enemies!


He spent five years in the worst Hell that this Earth has to offer. He then came back with a chip on his shoulder and a desire to save his city.

Oliver Jonas Queen was once a laughable DC superhero who was likened to a Robin Hood knock-off rather than full Justice League member. He eventually had some appearances in shows like Smallville that gained him some respect, but nothing made the character explode more than the CW show Arrow.

This show adapts some of the most famous Green Arrow lore onto the small screen, introducing interesting twists on iconic moments. One aspect that the show doesn’t shy away from is pulling villains from not just Green Arrow comics, but DC Comics as well. It’s a bit fair in all seriousness because the Emerald Archer doesn’t have the rogues gallery that Batman does. However, what we do get is still quite fun to watch on screen.

Because the show introduced so many villains and continues to bring in more, we decided to test the most diehard Green Arrow fans in our audience. We’ll be pulling villains mostly from the show, but there are some comic additions in there as well. Be prepared.

Are you a true Arrow fan?

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