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Are You A Sopranos Junkie? How Well Do You Know Tony’s Crew


When The Sopranos first aired on HBO in 1999, people weren’t too sure whether or not audiences would gravitate towards a mob-related show set in modern times. There were already some failed attempts at mafia-related films like Mickey Blue Eyes and the Analyze This series, so it wasn’t a guarantee that just throwing a few mob characters on the screen would make it an instant hit. However, the series was able to draw in millions of viewers and the cast of actors was hailed for their stellar performances. James Gandolfini did an amazing job at conveying the character of Tony Soprano and viewers couldn’t get enough of seeing all the drama relating to the crime family or his regular family.

The series won a number of awards and accolades during its six-season run, including 21 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes. While there was some controversy regarding how the series concluded at the end of Season 6, that was partly due to the fact that many were extremely disappointed to see their favorite show come to an end. Sadly, the world lost the actor, James Gandolfini, in 2013 when he died of natural causes at the age of 51-years-old. However, his memory still lives on in his portrayal in The Sopranos. Whether you regularly go on The Sopranos marathons or you were a fan of the show when it ran on HBO, check out our quiz on whether or not you truly know the series and test your knowledge of the entire Sopranos storyline.

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