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Are You A Real Pokemon Fan? Name The Gen 2 Pokemon!


We all knew it would be here inevitably, and now it has finally come. Generation 2 has arrived to Pokemon GO. Around 80 new Pokemon have been added to the game, and they’re all from the Johto region. This has already garnered a lot of buzz for the game that hasn’t been around since its launch last year, and it will probably die out again in time, but for now there’s a lot of excitement.

The thing about Pokemon GO is that you will get a lot of players who have no clue what Pokemon are. They haven’t grown up with the franchise, so they’ll end up asking you what certain Pokemon evolve into. It’s quite entertaining for us more seasoned players. Because of this, there are a lot of people who enjoy the series but don’t know a lot about it.

Because we enjoy challenging our readers, we’ve put together a quiz to see who are the real Pokemon fans in the crowd. It’s another “Guess That Pokemon” type of deal, but it will only be from Generation 2, which necessitates a bit more knowledge of the series.

Are you a real Pokemon fan? Can you name these Gen 2 Pokemon?

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