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Are You A Real Gamer? Match The Characters To The Video Game


Video games were once thought of as mere child’s play, with people referencing arcade venues that cater towards young kids and adolescents. While Chuck E. Cheese and the local arcade used to be the only real gaming experience available, times have certainly changed to include a wide range of new games and consoles. Nowadays, almost every home has at least one type of video game console, and some of the most popular uses of a Smartphone have to do with some sort of online play. The advancement in technology in recent years has given rise to a whole new world of gaming. While kids were once enthralled with PAC-MAN, now children as young as 4-years-old are putting their Skylander toys on their corresponding Portal of Power and watching them come to life on their television screens.

While it used to be that video games were only catered towards a young male demographic, they have evolved into something that is all-inclusive. Even the commercials for the most graphic shooter-style video games have included women, and not just as the highly sexualized character wearing a bra with the matching gun holster. Women are fighting right alongside their male counterparts, whether it’s through the campaign or online via the multiplayer mode. Whether you’re an old school gamer that has been around since the days of Pong or a new school gamer that makes sure to get the latest game the day of its release, it’s become evident that video games have come a long way. Take the quiz on checking whether or not you can truly call yourself a real gamer and see if you can match these characters to their corresponding games.

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