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Are You A Master Pixar Easter Egg Hunter? Take The Quiz!


For the past two decades, Pixar has been gracing audiences young and old with phenomenal films such as Toy Story and Monsters Inc. These stories and many more have captured the hearts of their viewers in ways unlike any others. It is very rare for an animation studio such as Pixar to turn out hit after hit after hit. Therefore it is easy to say that Pixar is one of the most prestigious animation studios in the country and perhaps the world.

What makes Pixar stand out is that they know how to have fun making their films alongside the heavy task of delivering a well-thought out narrative supported by captivating characters. One of the ways Pixar artists kick back and relax is by planting clever Easter Eggs in their films. Some of these Easter Eggs are callbacks to previous films and shorts. Others are teasers for what is to come in the never ending line up of fantastic Pixar films. And some are personal touches the animators and directors put in just because. Whatever the reason fans of Pixar always jump at the chance to comb through the studio’s films to discover whatever Easter Eggs may be hiding.

The question is how well do you know your Pixar Easter Eggs? How easy is it for you to spot them when watching the films? Can you remember what you’ve seen? Take this quiz to find out if you are a master Pixar Easter Egg Hunter!

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