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Are These Serial Killers Dead Or Alive?


What is it exactly that makes a serial killer? While there is not definite answer, there are several warning signs to look for that contribute to the recipe of that noxious serial killer stew. Sexual trauma early in life, sometimes a severe head injury while growing up, and a predilection to torturing animals as a child are some of the experiences, combined with unlucky genes, that can produce a human being with an urge and need to take human lives. Although, taking lives isn’t enough for some of these murderers. Many revel in inflicting pain and brutally torturing their prey. The majority are white males, although female serial killers and those of different races do exist. The one thing that every single serial killer we know about has in common is that they are all either incarcerated or dead. The only ones that have not met either of those fates are the serial killers still out there; the ones we have yet to discover, or the ones that we never will.  The following is a list of some of the most well known and most gruesome serial killers in recent history, as well as a brief description of their morbid and macabre deeds.  You may be a little disturbed yourself if you have already clicked on a serial killer quiz. So let’s see exactly how much of a sicko you are by testing your serial killer knowledge.These are some of the most cold-blooded killers imaginable. Good luck making it to the very end. Do you know if these serial killers are alive or dead?

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