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Are These Movie Titles From Hollywood Or The “Other” Industry?


Have you ever been standing in the lobby of your local multiplex, looking at the posters lining the walls or at the listings of what’s playing, and found yourself unable to stop smirking at a certain movie’s title? Or have you ever been scanning the Netflix library, trying to figure out what to watch on your latest ‘Netflix and chill’ evening, only to come across a few titles that you struggle to believe could possibly be ‘real’ movies? They sound more like something from the ‘other industry’, right?

Well, this is a much more common occurrence than some of you might think. Over the years, Hollywood has been littered with movie titles that could quite easily belong in adult entertainment. Some of them are funny on a mostly juvenile level; some of them are so racy that it’s a wonder they made it past the censors! Equally, there have been many blue movies released over the years with titles that could quite easily have been used for a mainstream film.

This quiz is going to test you all on your knowledge of the sometimes subtle (though sometimes blindingly obvious) differences between the titles of mainstream movies and pornos. Be prepared to chuckle and wince at some of the inclusions, and then be ready to find yourself unsure about which option to choose, ‘mainstream’ or ‘other industry’….

Let’s do it!

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