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Are These 25 Wrestlers Dead Or Alive?


It seems like we can’t go a month without reading news of another professional wrestler dying. Thankfully, the spate of deaths we saw from drugs and steroids a decade ago have calmed and our favorite former grapplers are now going down for the pin by natural causes. The WWE Wellness Policy and the company’s investment in rehabilitation for former employees with drug issues has saved many lives. Did you know the WWE will send any performer to rehab as many times as needed at no cost to the performer?

Still, it’s tough to see when one of the greats, especially if they were a childhood hero, is gone forever. It’s hard to think of larger-than-life characters losing battles with cancer or getting killed in car accidents, often far too young. Thankfully, mainstream media doesn’t see wrestling as a joke anymore and often will report the news where they never would have in the past. WWE always does a fine job with their tribute videos, which are created with great respect and admiration.

Don’t fret! There are still plenty of your favorite former wrestlers who have yet to visit the squared circle in the sky, though. Maybe the possibility of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is keeping some of them going. Nobody wants to be enshrined as an immortal when they’ve already proven they are mortal.

Still, there are wrestlers who die young and those who live to be 80 and sometimes it’s hard to remember who is who. Do you know which wrestlers are still alive and which have tapped out?

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