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Are These 25 Hot Female Celebs Over 40?


Hollywood is constantly trying to perform every trick in the book to try and make celebrities appear far younger than they really are. Much older actresses play characters half their age, celebrities are constantly indulging in lunchtime procedures to try and stave off the signs of aging and no one ever wants to divulge their true age. There once was a time when Hollywood executives would push out aging actresses as soon as they hit 30-years-old. To be a working actress at the age of 40-years-old was practically unthinkable, especially since there was a seemingly endless revolving door of new fresh-faced young starlets itching to get their foot in the door. However, things have changed in regards to how Hollywood views its aging starlets. Although it hasn’t changed to the point where it is completely equal in regards to opportunities and stellar character roles, there has been a significant change towards the better.

Nowadays, there are a surprising number of female celebrities that have been able to keep their careers going despite their increase in age. Perhaps those pricey moisturizers are truly working or perhaps there are a little more to the Hollywood tricks than meets the eye. In any case, 40 has become the new 30 and it’s become increasingly difficult to tell which celebs have reached beyond the 40-year-old marker. Test your skills on whether or not you can tell which female celebs have crossed that threshold and quiz yourself on how well you know some of the hottest female celebrities in Hollywood.

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