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Are These 25 Disturbing Images Real Or Fake?


There isn’t a set guideline of rules when it comes to what will end up going viral, especially when trending topics change with every new hour. Yet, there are some images that have proved to be so shocking that they’ve created their own buzz, no matter what else is going on in the world. In a world obsessed with fame, there always seems to be someone that posts an image online in the hopes that theirs will be the next rising star to take over the Internet. From unusual occurrences that people have posted online in the hopes of spreading the word to completely fabricated stories and photos that have been used solely to gain notoriety, sometimes you can’t believe everything you’ve seen online.

In this fast paced moving world, no one seems to have the time to read the actual stories behind the shocking photos that have been posted online. Who has the time to actually scroll through a background story or research the origins of a particularly disturbing photo. Instead, there are a myriad of Internet photos that have been somehow lodged in our brains over the years, with many left wondering whether or not they’re actually real or fake. From freaky supernatural occurrences to animal photos that have dropped people’s jaws, it’s interesting to know just how many Internet photos have been accepted into the stream of the subconscious. Whether you haven’t ever seen these photos or you definitely recognize it from your feed, test your knowledge on whether or not you can decipher if these disturbing images on the Internet are fake or real.

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