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Can You Identify These Famous Company Logos?


It seems like company logos would be something easy to remember. We see logos constantly. We see them everywhere! They’re on billboards, on TV, in movies, on our clothes, shoes and all over our homes on all the products we buy. The strange thing is, that it’s easy to forget what some of those logos are for. Have you ever seen a commercial and completely forgotten what was being advertised? See, it happens to the best of us!

Let’s see how good you are at recognizing famous company logos. We bet you’ll struggle with more than a few. Then again, maybe you’re a total pro. Someone who cares about their brands is likely to do quite well on this quiz. If branding is something you couldn’t care less about? You might fail miserably with this challenge.

It might be hard to put your finger on which company the logo belongs to. It will be on the tip of your tongue and you’ll be very tempted to hit up Google for answers, but cheating won’t feel rewarding. Try to get at least 20/25 on this quiz to prove you’re a logo connoisseur. Here’s a tip for you: don’t think too hard about each one. Go with your gut! Your gut is usually right. Don’t overthink it.

Go forth and conquer the logo quiz and don’t forget to share your results with your buddies on social media. They’ll definitely want to try it out and see if they can beat you. Good luck!

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