10 Luxury Yachts For Under $1 Million


There’s no greater symbol of absolute welfare than a giant, fancy, and luxurious yacht. Yachts are the ultimate toys when it comes to exotic entertainment and relaxation. Over the last decades, the richest people in the world compete in the most extravagant and fastest yachts in the world. However, this all comes at a jaw-dropping cost. Besides the enormous price of the yacht itself, here are splashing maintenance costs to consider. For example, a $10 million yacht costs around $1 million a year to maintain. The larger the vessel, the more expensive to keep.

There are a lot of things you can buy with $1 million, and one of them is your own yacht. Over the past years yacht owners started an abundance of price cuts when they decided to sell their sea monsters, all for under $1 million.

What better way to spend your holiday or have a party or wedding than onboard your own private yacht? You don’t even need to drop millions to do it either. Don’t expect a high-end large-scale yacht like the ones billionaires own, but a small and intimate entry-level yacht that offers the same comfort and luxury for less money, which works just as fine when splashing into those waves. Have a look at our list of affordable luxury yachts that are by no means any less fabulous than their big brothers owned by billionaires. In fact, with years of experience in cruising the oceans of the world, they have a personality of their own.


10. Chrysanthe S, $1 million

Yacht prices continue to drop as we speak and Chrysanthe S makes no exception. It dropped from $1,22 million to $1 million and may continue to drop still. Built in 2009 by Overmarine, Chrysanthe S underwent a full refit in 2006. It can accommodate seven guests in three cabins. There is a master VIP cabin, equipped with a king size bedroom, a VIP stateroom, plus two twin cabins. Latest technology, great performance, and leisure are what best describe Chrysanthe S. It may be only 79 feet in length, but it is definitely the luxury yacht everyone dreams of cruising on.

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