The 10 Most Luxurious Lake Resorts In The United States


It has been variously estimated that there are probably millions of natural lakes of various sizes in the continental United States and Alaska. However, the Environmental Protection Agency approximates that there are only about 123,439 natural lakes of significant size in the country (2.5 acres and above).

These bodies of water play a crucial role in the regional and global ecosystem, regulating the weather, as well as being a source of water and food for humans and animals alike. More than that, they are vital to local economies through their role in transportation, agriculture (irrigation), mining (of precious metals and minerals), and starting from the 20th century, tourism. The Brookings Institution estimates that the five Great Lakes alone (Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Superior) supply 90% of the country’s fresh water and impact the lives of approximately 35 million people.

Every year, millions of Americans spend their holidays near lakes. These lakes offer a wide range of outdoor activities to tourists, including fishing, boating, watersports and hiking. Moreover, lakes are usually densely populated by flora and fauna – a great source of attraction for urban dwellers.

In addition, areas surrounding larger lakes are typically blessed with temperate weather, great scenery and calm and relaxing surroundings. It should come as no surprise then that a number of these areas have evolved into major tourist destinations, coinciding with the development of townships, golf courses, hotels, resorts, etc. Some of them have even attained world class status, owing to the high standard of comfort, convenience and recreational activities accorded to visitors.

For individuals, couples and families looking to spend their next holiday near the water, beaches are no longer the only choices. In fact, a great many prefer the peace and tranquility of lake resorts compared to the frenetic pace of popular beaches on the West and East coasts.

In line with that, we have compiled below a list of the ten most luxurious lake resorts in the country that may help you decide on your next vacation destination.

10. Tamarack Lodge, Lake Michigan: Up to $803/Night

Located just five miles away from downtown Traverse City, this family-friendly lakefront resort offers guests with a blend of a glorious stretch of white sandy beach, the pristine blue waters of the Grand Traverse Bay, dozens of retail outlets, fine dining choices from over 100 restaurants and vineyards within walking distance.

First time visitors will be amazed with the rustic atmosphere of the lobby, complete with a large stone fireplace that harkens back to the days of old.

With a wide range of activities designed for both couples and families, along with well-equipped private beachfront suites facing Lake Michigan, guests can look forward to a memorable vacation at the Tamarack Lodge.