The 10 Best Luxury Resorts For Nudists


For your next vacation why not consider visiting a nude resort in a tropical paradise as a couple? Today’s resorts cater to high end clientele with absolute privacy for other like minded people. Clothing optional resorts are for every age, shape and size of person. If you are comfortable with your body and you don’t like tan lines, why not consider something a little different?

There are a few rules that should be followed for staying at nude resorts:

1. Hygiene requires a towel for your posterior when sitting down at a restaurant or public place

2. Staring is considered rude

3. No cameras or video equipment is allowed

4. No judgement of other peoples bodies

5. Always observe the rules of the resort you are staying at

6. Enjoying yourself is mandatory

So which resorts should be on your next nude vacation? Check the list below and see which one appeals the most to you.

10. Living Waters Spa, California: $899/7 Night Stay

This is the only European style clothing optional resort for adults located in Desert Hot Springs, California. What makes this resort unique is the mineral springs that feed the pools leaving your skin silky and smooth. Mineral water has proven to be an effective natural healing practice for centuries. Living Waters Spa has been voted one of the top 10 clothing optional resorts in the world by Tripadvisor. This small hotel resort concealed by frosted glass is a private oasis in the California desert.